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Bruised Ribs and a Mountain of Sand

It’s been a little bit since I last updated this blog. (I won’t lie, writing isn’t my strong suit!) But I have been very busy both with my personal training business and also with 5 for 5.


Did you know that having a bruised rib sucks?! Well it does. I was unlucky enough to take a hard body shot while doing some boxing drills the other day and now I’m very limited with my movement and weight lifting. Unfortunately this makes it a little tough to shoot my 5 for 5 workout videos but I should be able to tough it out pretty soon and get back on track.  I will be back soon as my thick skull doesn’t let me stay still very long.


Sand hill Sunday has been continuing it’s awesome streak. This week I had six first timers on the hill and it was a pretty epic day. It was the last weekend before the big Monterey Spartan Beast race so naturally it was a Spartan themed workout that didn’t disappoint!

SAM_0344 SAM_0341 SAM_0324

We did a burpee ladder workout which saw the Sand Hillers doing 100 burpees by the time they reached the top of the hill. Two lucky Spartans even carried a 50 pound bucket of sand all the way to the top. SAM_0330 SAM_0340

And what may have been the most memorable moment of the day was when Will Smith (who happened to be there working out with his trainer) started cheering on fellow 5 for 5’er Karen as she was reaching the summit of the sand hill. SAM_0328 It’s not every day that you have a huge mega celebrity screaming your name in support of what you’re doing!

Thanks everyone for coming out, until next time!






It’s Sandhill Sunday season!

I had a great time yesterday kicking of my Sandhill Sunday workout program.

There’s nothing quite like putting in hard work with a great group of people while overlooking the pacific ocean. I brought out all the toys for yesterday’s workout. We started out with a dynamic warm up, than went straight into a 5 station circuit. The circuit had tire flips, tire drags, bucket carries, agility work, and battle ropes.

After completing three rounds of the circuit is when the real workout started! Everyone had a tire with which they had to throw over their heads up the hill alternating between a snatch style throw and a shoulder press throw.  Everyone did an amazing job and when we got to the top we all just relaxed and enjoyed the view of the ocean from a couple hundred feet in the air.


I will be there every sunday starting at 10 am…. I hope to see some of my interwebers out there!

Skinned knees, rope burn, and mud …. Yes Please!


Yesterday was my first mud run of the year, and it was a blast!

I had the honor of helping the Ventura HD Supply team a little with their training for the Ventura Police Eco Xtreme Mud Challenge which was a 5K mud/obstacle course.

The course was set at the police gun range and wrapped up, down, and around the mountainous terrain with some cool obstacles such as a steep slip ‘n slide, a horizontal  rope traverse, sandbag carries and a few gratuitous walls to scale all while over looking to pacific ocean. You couldn’t ask for much more!

The HD Supply team all did great also, with a vast range of fitness levels everyone completed the run except one who hurt his knee about 1/2 mile into the course. Luckily it doesn’t look like anything serious. After the race we got our free slice of pizza, Monster protein drink, and I got a little Active Release Treatment from a local chiropractor. Which all helped to fuel the pull up challenge! I had no intention of actually doing the challenge but I didn’t want to let down the HD Supply guys. Here is video of my challenge, I didn’t even come close to winning but it was still a lot of fun hearing all these people cheering you on!


So all in all, it was a great sunday, great race, and an awesome way to kick start my Spartan Race Beast training!