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What did Kung Fu Panda teach me about Fitness?


The Kung Fu Panda is an overweight jolly bear that has dreams to be the greatest Kung Fu’er ever! Nothing could deter him from reaching his full potential but himself. He was filled with doubt, poor self control, and straight up stupidity! But one day his father told him what the secret ingredient was in his famous “secret ingredient soup”…………. NOTHING. That’s right there was no secret ingredient he just lead people to believe there was, which built up a mystic about his product that kept people coming through the door day after day! And from that point on Panda knew he could be or do whatever he wanted as long as everyone else believed that there was something SPECIAL about his skills!

Well guess what! Much like Panda’s family soup, there’s no “SECRET” formula for fitness. I know I know, that can’t be possible right? But there is a universal formula that transcends all modalities of training and that’s to work, work, work,  and work. And after that work some fricken more!

Some may argue that Crossfit is the superior training program as others will say that endurance sports are even better. Maybe powerlifting is better than kettlebell training? Is it possible that bodybuilding is better than TRX suspension training?

Sure, crossfitters will crush an endurance athlete at crossfit but when an Iron Man athlete crosses the finish line chances are real good that the crossfitter couldn’t even be seen on the horizon.

A powerlifter might deadlift twice as much weight as a kettlebell athlete but ask a powerlifter to do as many reps as possible in two minutes of the kettlebell snatch and they may be taken to the hospital with a heart attack!

Try and get a bodybuilders body with a suspension trainer, or try and get the extreme core strength you achieve from suspension training from traditional dumbbell and machine exercises.

The moral of the story is simple. Do what you makes you happy. And do it as good as you possibly can. Don’t listen to the BS out there, a general rule for me is if someone says they have the “secret” to this or a “special” that, it usually means they don’t have anything new or even special at all.

If you like to run than run, if you want to move as much weight as possible overhead than try Olympic lifting or Crossfit, if you want to lift a fire truck off of a Hyundai after a traffic signal malfunction than take up powerlifting, if you want extreme relative strength try TRX or calisthenics.

As with all things in life, don’t buy into the HYPE, chances are the only thing that’s going to get thinner is your wallet!

PS. Try a Spartan Race. It changed my life and who knows, you might like it too!




Kettlebell time!


Today’s kettlebell routine has some pretty advanced movements so please stay light on the weight until you get comfortable with the movements.

Perform 10 reps of the Speed Skater swings, traveling overhead swings, and goblet squats and 5 reps of the snatch to revolved triangle pose as a circuit. Complete 5 circuits as fast as possible.

Speed Skater swings

Traveling overhead swings

Goblet squats

Snatch to revolved triangle R

Snatch to revolved triangle L

Grab a Kettlebell here!