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TRX-intensity — Get the most out of your suspension trainer

Today’s 5for5 workout is based around the TRX suspension trainer. The TRX suspension trainer allows you to use your own bodyweight as resistance and can be used for hundreds of different exercises. Another great feature of the TRX is that it is relatively unstable which forces you to engage a lot more stabilizing muscles which helps to burn more calories and develop a very deep sense of strength that you can’t really get from lifting weights or doing pure cardio.

I chose to keep the movements in this workout pretty simple as this is the first 5for5 TRX that I have posted. Now because these movements are “simple” does NOT mean they are easy. All the movements can be modified to be extremely difficult or even easy all depending on where you place your body. The farther underneath the anchoring point you go, the more resistance you are creating. By staying far away from the anchor you are reducing the amount of resistance. Now, without further a do. Here is today’s 5for5.

Complete the following circuit 5 times as fast as possible

10 reps Inverted Rows

10 reps Suspended Push Ups

20 reps Jump Lunges

10 reps Anti Rotation R

10 reps Anti Rotation L

(instructions for anti rotation: The idea for this exercise is that you are resisting gravity’s desire to make you fall over! Stand facing 90 degrees from the anchor, with tension on the TRX stand so the handles are at your belly button. If facing right, step forward with your right foot. Now that you are in this staggered stance you want to lean away from the anchor until the TRX handles are at the center of your chest. While keeping your body straight and facing 90 degrees from the anchor, extend your arms straight off your chest. As you extend your arms you will start to feel the stress on your mid section fighting against gravity’s pull. Stay tight in your core and in a controlled medium pace, extend and retract your arms back to your chest for ten repetitions.)

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