The Flying Drew Brees-up — push up variation


Recently Men’s Health Magazine had an article on this crazy new push up Drew Brees has been doing. (photo above)

With feet suspended in a TRX strap he performs an explosive push up and extends both arms out to the sides and catches himself before face planting on the ground. Now this is a pretty difficult move but not the worst imaginable exercise. This is what I like to call a skill move as it doesn’t just take brute force to complete the push up.

A friend of mine shared this article with me on facebook and they were clearly in awe of the movement (since that was the writers objective), I had never done it before but knew it was something I could handle. So I grabbed my trusty little camera and headed out to the garage to record. And to my surprise I was able to hit the push up on the first try! It was tough and even worse than the physical aspect was the mental, it just felt like I was going to smash my face on the concrete (luckily for me that didn’t happen, this face can’t handle anymore trauma).

So the moral of the story is, don’t be scared until you try it. You may even surprise yourself!

Here is my video….


No Gym? No Problem!

Get strong, ripped, and unapologetically sexy without a gym!

Ok, so maybe that won’t happen with just one workout. But with consistency and a varied high intensity bodyweight only program you really can shred fat and build lean strong muscle, and it can be pretty damn fun too!

I like to use the 5 for 5 training method for three reasons.

1. Its challenging: as a personal trainer I am pretty in tune to my clients emotional triggers. It’s important to figure out what really drives, and motivates your clients, and a personal challenge is what drives and motivates me.

2. it’s short: I am a product of the modern world. I like instant gratification and I don’t have the patience to sit around and talk or play on my phone in between sets of incline bench press or seated curls (I never do either of those exercises). I like to work hard and get my workout done in 20-30 minutes.

3. it’s effective: I could bore you to death about the clinical and scientific benefits of high intensity training but I suck at writing so I won’t! All I will say is that short, high intensity workouts cause you to continuously burn calories far far far after the workout ends. I’m not a scientist but that sounds good to me!

So here is a short video of yesterday’s “No Gym” workout. Just perform 10 repetitions of each movement as a circuit, complete 5 circuits as fast as possible.


Skinned knees, rope burn, and mud …. Yes Please!


Yesterday was my first mud run of the year, and it was a blast!

I had the honor of helping the Ventura HD Supply team a little with their training for the Ventura Police Eco Xtreme Mud Challenge which was a 5K mud/obstacle course.

The course was set at the police gun range and wrapped up, down, and around the mountainous terrain with some cool obstacles such as a steep slip ‘n slide, a horizontal  rope traverse, sandbag carries and a few gratuitous walls to scale all while over looking to pacific ocean. You couldn’t ask for much more!

The HD Supply team all did great also, with a vast range of fitness levels everyone completed the run except one who hurt his knee about 1/2 mile into the course. Luckily it doesn’t look like anything serious. After the race we got our free slice of pizza, Monster protein drink, and I got a little Active Release Treatment from a local chiropractor. Which all helped to fuel the pull up challenge! I had no intention of actually doing the challenge but I didn’t want to let down the HD Supply guys. Here is video of my challenge, I didn’t even come close to winning but it was still a lot of fun hearing all these people cheering you on!


So all in all, it was a great sunday, great race, and an awesome way to kick start my Spartan Race Beast training!



Kettlebell time!


Today’s kettlebell routine has some pretty advanced movements so please stay light on the weight until you get comfortable with the movements.

Perform 10 reps of the Speed Skater swings, traveling overhead swings, and goblet squats and 5 reps of the snatch to revolved triangle pose as a circuit. Complete 5 circuits as fast as possible.

Speed Skater swings

Traveling overhead swings

Goblet squats

Snatch to revolved triangle R

Snatch to revolved triangle L

Grab a Kettlebell here!

Move like an ANIMAL!

Today’s 5for5 workout was an all bodyweight routine based around animal movements. Animal movements are great because they recruit muscles from your entire body, there’s no isolation going on at all! This allows you to tone more muscles and burn more calories and fat.  (which I am currently working on)

And to step it up a little more I chose to wear the Mass Suit, which is a full body resistance suit. It has rubber tubing that goes from a vest down to your ankles and also out to your hands which puts your body under constant tension at ALL times. If you haven’t heard of the Mass Suit I highly recommend checking out this link to find out more.

Now on to the workout. Perform 10 reps of each movement as a circuit. Complete 5 circuits as fast as possible.


Gorilla Shuffle

Scorpion Push Up

Frog Jumps

Alligator Crawls

Have Fun and for god’s sake go outside for this workout. Please share this blog, instagram, and facebook with friends and lets start spreading the 5for5 fever!

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Do Epic S#!T

Have you done anything outside of your comfort zone lately? As humans we tend to get stuck in the routine of life….. sleep, work, eat, repeat. It’s important that we break that cycle every now and then (more now than then) , one way that I have found to really get my heart racing and nerves shaking is through obstacle course racing.

My favorite by far is the Spartan RaceSpartan race mixes endurance, strength, balance, and courage in their races as well as a strong sense of community and competition. You will find yourself scaling mountains, crawling through mud under barbed wire, climbing ropes, wading through cold water, and jumping over fire all with a huge smile on your face simply because of how freeing it is! You’re free from the confines of your office, free from your chores, free from the mundane and most importantly you’re free from the shackles of your couch!

So here’s your chance to get out and really try something different and open your mind to what “living” is all about!

Use the 5for5 workouts to help prepare you for the Spartan and have some damn fun!

Here is me in my first Spartan Race, over two years ago.Spartan malibu 2011Click Here to Register for a Spartan Race near you



TRX-intensity — Get the most out of your suspension trainer

Today’s 5for5 workout is based around the TRX suspension trainer. The TRX suspension trainer allows you to use your own bodyweight as resistance and can be used for hundreds of different exercises. Another great feature of the TRX is that it is relatively unstable which forces you to engage a lot more stabilizing muscles which helps to burn more calories and develop a very deep sense of strength that you can’t really get from lifting weights or doing pure cardio.

I chose to keep the movements in this workout pretty simple as this is the first 5for5 TRX that I have posted. Now because these movements are “simple” does NOT mean they are easy. All the movements can be modified to be extremely difficult or even easy all depending on where you place your body. The farther underneath the anchoring point you go, the more resistance you are creating. By staying far away from the anchor you are reducing the amount of resistance. Now, without further a do. Here is today’s 5for5.

Complete the following circuit 5 times as fast as possible

10 reps Inverted Rows

10 reps Suspended Push Ups

20 reps Jump Lunges

10 reps Anti Rotation R

10 reps Anti Rotation L

(instructions for anti rotation: The idea for this exercise is that you are resisting gravity’s desire to make you fall over! Stand facing 90 degrees from the anchor, with tension on the TRX stand so the handles are at your belly button. If facing right, step forward with your right foot. Now that you are in this staggered stance you want to lean away from the anchor until the TRX handles are at the center of your chest. While keeping your body straight and facing 90 degrees from the anchor, extend your arms straight off your chest. As you extend your arms you will start to feel the stress on your mid section fighting against gravity’s pull. Stay tight in your core and in a controlled medium pace, extend and retract your arms back to your chest for ten repetitions.)

Click here to get your TRX for home or gym

5 exercise circuit, done 5 times. As simple as that